Street Banner

Street Banners offer a great way of promoting in urban centres and inner cities. They can be mounted to almost any outdoor power pole or lamppost.

Set includes:

  • Double sided printed banner
  • 2 no. durable, stainless mounting brackets (aluminium casting) with eyelet screws
  • 2 no. Banner arms 25mm x 2,5 mm (profile made of aluminium) with end caps
  • 2 no. sets of stainless steel straps for fixation on every pole with a diameter of 6.0- 250mm
  • Allen key
  • We can print your banner to match with your own personal design

Please contact to purchase.

Description For Print


• Polyglans 115 g/m2
• Polyglans 115 g/m2 B1
• Air Polyglans 115 gm2


• Knitted Polyester ca.120 g/m2
• Woven (spun) polyester ca. 160 g/m2