Siet Transformers for Neon Signs

High voltage electromechanical neon transformer (1.000÷17.000V) with different operating current.

Thanks to the metallic box and to the protective treatments, this transformer is highly resistant to atmospheric agents (IP44) and to the hardest environmental conditions.

  • Protects the resin against atmospheric agents
  • Contains thermal dilatations of the resin, which are cause of dangerous cracks
  • Good heat conductor and ensures an efficient dissipation, keeping low temperatures on the terminal board where electric connections and protection devices are
  • located
  • Ensures an excellent mechanic protection
  • Protects against electromagnetic disturbances
  • Ensures a ground connecting case, that is a characteristic required by the most international standard




Description For Print


• Polyglans 115 g/m2
• Polyglans 115 g/m2 B1
• Air Polyglans 115 gm2


• Knitted Polyester ca.120 g/m2
• Woven (spun) polyester ca. 160 g/m2