Fibreglass Flagpoles with external halyard

Our flagpoles are made from age-resistant fibreglass reinforced polyester, a maintenance free material that combines guaranteed strength and low weight with a brilliant finish. We stock them in sizes 6m – 12m but taller options are available up to 18m high. They are a one piece design tapered 115m – 65mm diameter with a heat galvanised hinge rod and ground bracket system. These poles are finished with a simple external rope system that is tied to a cleat.

Product information

  • Hot-dip galvanized tilting hinge base
  • Revolving finial
  • Cleat with screws
  • Halyard
  • Plastic clips (for easy attachment of flag or pennant)
  • Installation manual

Please contact to purchase.

Description For Print


• Polyglans 115 g/m2
• Polyglans 115 g/m2 B1
• Air Polyglans 115 gm2


• Knitted Polyester ca.120 g/m2
• Woven (spun) polyester ca. 160 g/m2