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4 Tips On How To Maintain Your Flag

All countries and most institutions have a flag code that prescribes specific etiquette to ensure that the flag is properly taken care of. A national flag looks bad when left unkempt and if it is a corporate flag then it can easy be perceived as a reflection of the company’s standards. Since flags are a representation of major and respectable entities they are considered a living emblem that should be treated with respect. In this article we provide four tips that will help ensure your flag remains in a splendid condition.

#1 Fade Prevention

Exposure to the sun will definitely cause your flag to fade but you can slow this down process by taking the following measures. For starters, you can spray your flag with a UV fabric protector which creates a layer on the fabric and suspends the dirt for easy cleaning. While storing your flag, put it in a dry and dark area free from any lighting (be it artificial or natural light).

#2 Care Against Harsh Weather Conditions

The life of your flag is highly dependent on the weather conditions. The more turbulent the weather, the less time the flag will last. It is therefore advisable that you lower your flag during strong winds. That is, winds with a speed of over 40mph. With that in mind, taking down the flag at night is also highly recommended since the weather may change from good to worse and you will be too deep in sleep to take note of what your flag is going through.

#3 Always Repair Your Flag

Over time, the flag will obviously suffer some wear. When you observe any worn out areas on your flag, a quick repair on that part will help prolong the life of the entire flag. Most of the wear usually commences at the bottom right hand corner of the flag and once noticed, it is advisable that you trim away and re-hem frayed area. To prevent recurrent damage on your flag, always take note of where you want to hang it. Objects such as trees, buildings, or rough parts on the flagpole itself may damage the flag. Try to ensure that you always fly your flag in free space.

#4 Keep Your Flag Clean

Washing your flag after it’s been outdoors not only helps in removing the accumulated dirt and pollution but also leaves the flag looking full in its vibrant colourful. While washing your flag, use mild washing detergents as they are gentle on the fabric and help retain the brightness of the colours. Dry cleaning your flag is highly discouraged unless you want to damage the fibres. After cleaning allow the flag to dry on a flat surface to prevent any bleeding of colours on the flag. To prevent staining, always ensure that the flag is completely dry before you proceed to store it.

Quality flags do not come cheap and as a smart investor you want to maximize your investment. By putting the above tips into practice you can rest assure that your flag will last longer and wallet remain fuller.

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